2015 Goals *Not Resolutions*

I don’t buy into the whole ‘new year new me’ thing thats thrown at us or new years resolutions. We end up trying so hard to do something only to get bored and give up by the end of January. So these are goals, not resolutions, inspired by my boyfriends 2015 bucket list he posted yesterday. Link there >> https://wordpress.com/read/blog/id/75199095/

1. Workout regularly and try and eat healthier 80% of the time – An awful lot of time and effort have gone into my ‘get skinny’ mission over the last few years and it worked, in March last year I had lost over 90lbs and was my smallest since I was 14! Since then I started seeing my boyfriend and let my gym membership and low calorie diet slide and it crept back on very quickly…40lbs to be exact. This year I want to focus more on health and how I feel then getting bogged down with numbers again. I have a gym membership, as well as dumbbells and plenty of dvds so I have no excuse.

2. Sort out a budget and stick to it – I’ve made some pretty stupid mistakes in the last few years with online credit accounts and loans and as a result my credit file is pretty shot. I want to work on at least paying minimum payments on time and regularly, that means working out exactly what I have left each month and sticking to it. For some reason whenever I have money in my account I tend to go a bit mental and spend it then convince myself I’ll worry later. So this year I want to work on changing that.

3. Stop worrying so much – I seem to spend half of my time worrying, about stuff that’s going to happen or might happen, or happened in the past. It doesn’t matter, I just worry and drive myself completely crazy over it. I’m sick of that, because its essentially useless. Half of what I worry about never happens, and the rest never ends up as bad as I imagine.

If this blog is still up and running towards the end of the year maybe I’ll update on how I do on these.



3 thoughts on “2015 Goals *Not Resolutions*

  1. After reading #1 I had already decided I would drop a note to say that I have just lived through the same thing. Waking up to 40lbs back on and getting back to my healthy lifestyle. I then read #’s 2 and 3 and basically am working on the exact same things! So similar to my situation. How is it going so far with staying on track? I am actually starting to do pretty well with all three. Thanks for sharing though, it was nice to hear about someone else going through the same life ups and downs. 🙂 It gives me a little more motivation! Peace!


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