100 Days Of Happiness



I, like a lot of people I imagine, seem to focus on the negativity in life. I saw a tag on instagram this morning that got me thinking 100daysofhappiness where people post a photo of something that made them happy that day…every day for 100 days to be precise. I love that idea,  looking for the positive in the small things and sharing that. I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for a few years now and that makes it very hard to see any reason to be happy. Instead your engulfed by everything that’s wrong or could go wrong. I decided to join in on this on my instagram page, there’s a link under the picture there if anyones interested in following me on there.

Todays reason to be happy is waking up every morning to fresh filter coffee thanks to the (best ever) christmas present from my boyfriend. I am a massive coffee addict. Anything coffee flavoured, starbucks…I am so on it and having better then instant coffee waiting for me does make me happy.

I’m hoping doing this and sticking to it will help me work to find happiness and positivity when I’m feeling like nothing is worth it. So theres a challenge for you, even if you don’t share on social networking etc just look and take note of something that makes you happy everyday…the simple things.



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