Goals and General Update

I spent the last few weeks not really bothering with fitness/weightloss Other things were on my mind and it felt so much easier to just eat whatever and relax in my spare time. Now I’m beginning to see changes, massive changed actually, that I don’t like. I’m extremely bloated and just feeling rubbish. I’ve been to the gym three times this week but its been pure comfort eating every night, not just having the odd bar of chocolate…takeaways, binging on Krispy Kreme, crisps, etc whatever I could get my hands on.

I need to get on the scales tomorrow morning, give myself a starting point, a new starting point to focus on fitness and my health. I want to do another run, there’s a 10k in about 5 months time which I’m aiming for at the moment but in all honesty I think its a longshot that I’d be ready in time. The 5k in September (the weekend of the Great North Run) is happening either way. I feel much stronger emotionally and like I can move on with a new chapter. I feel like I’m able to do these things again. I applied for four jobs tonight, FOUR. I want to better myself, I want to be in a position where I can move out of my parents and move onto the next level in my relationship by living together. The job I’m in at the moment might be my ‘comfort blanket’ but if I don’t change it, either get a contract with more hours or move to find more hours, nothing else will change either.

I’m more confident and positive about my life in general tonight than I have been in so long, a lot of that is due to the amazing support and help from my boyfriend and I need to express that to him more. I’m feeling more creative and as a result this will be updated more. I’m already looking up prompts/creative writing ideas to plan in my notebook tonight (if anyone has any sites that I could find those on please drop them in the comments).

Things are looking up…again. Hopefully this positivity will hang around and not be just a fleeting thing.



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