Dear 18 year old me

So where to start, things are gonna get a little bit crazy over the next few years. University starting, moving out, boys, sex, drink etc. Although if I’m honest more drink then we’d like and not nearly enough of the boys or sex.

First things first, the boy stuff. One guy will come along very soon, he’ll charm you and make you feel so so amazing. But please don’t get so caught up in him, I’m not gonna ruin things for you but please just don’t be naive when it comes to men. There will be plenty of time for ‘falling in love’ and finding the one in a few years time. Be confident, if you find a guy attractive, you go out and you kiss him, sleep with him. Nothing bad will happen, he might upset you for a week or two, then you’ll be back out there dancing with someone else. I promise you. You’ll regret not putting yourself out there so much more then the embarrassment of being turned down, trust me.

Now I don’t want to worry you, but you have to hear this…what you’re feeling sometimes, that horrible sadness that comes over you for no reason. Don’t blame yourself for it. You’re not weak, or ridiculous. It’s something you can’t control all the time but you can refuse to let it beat you. Take time out for a few hours, hell even a few days if you need it, lock yourself away and cry until you have no tears left. And then you get yourself out of that bed, shower and go and show the world how truly fabulous you are. Paint a fake smile on and the real one will follow. You have so much more strength then you think. You are truly beautiful, don’t be afraid to show it off.

Most importantly, the next few years will teach you so much. It’ll be an amazing rollercoaster ride that you will miss so much when it’s done. Enjoy every minute and try not to blow every penny of your student loan and overdraft before the end of term, it’ll make things a whole lot easier.

Love and kisses your older (slightly wiser) 25 year old self



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