642 Things to Write About..

When away in Dublin earlier this week I found this absolute gem of a book in Urban Outfitters.


Basically filled with 642 prompts and space to write for every single one. My lovely boyfriend bought it for me on the condition that I use it and fill it gradually. So I started today, with the very first one:

What Can Happen In A Second’

Life can begin and end, everything you know and love can come crashing down around you in a single second. That’s part of life, never knowing what will happen in the next second. Its terrifying when you think abut it in depth, never knowing one second what will happen in the next. But if you knew, if you had a list, a timeline of what would happen every second; who would actually read it? Would we be happier if we knew what is about to happen, every second, minute, hour, day of our lives?

I’m not 100% happy with it but its getting me writing again and I do find free writing and prompts etc to be very therapeutic and it’s only gonna make me a better writer in the long run, even if nothing ever comes of it. I enjoy it.

In other news I had a job interview with a rival company to the one I currently work for this morning (on Good Friday of all days, very weird choice of day) and it went really well so fingers crossed in the next month I’ll be out of my much hated current box and into a new spangly shiny one with more money and hours 😀 YAY!

Much Love