Wicked UK Tour (Sunderland)


I have been dying to see Wicked for about eight years now, I even have ‘defy gravity’ tattooed on my foot so ~I was absolutely thrilled when they announced a UK tour and even more so when the cast changed and Ashleigh Gray joined as Elphaba.

The show is essentially a prequel to the Wizard of Oz, showing the story of the two witches and how one became ‘wicked’ and one became ‘good’. You’ll never look at the wicked witch of the west in the same way again, or Dorothy (I mean who steals a dead girls shoes?). Ashleigh was absolutely mind blowing as Elphaba, her vocal range during defying gravity and no good deed was sensational. You could here a pin drop during I’m not that girl, she really had the whole audience captivated. Emily Tierney captured Glinda perfectly, I’ve seen some actresses on youtube during popular and they go completely over the top trying to get laughs but she kept it just enough so it felt realistic and that Glinda was that excitable and dramatic showing off to her new best friend and project. My heart literally broke at the ending when she was in ‘the bubble’ you could visibly see the fight going on inside her head of wanting to clear Elphaba’s name but knowing she had to keep it to herself to protect the pretence; as well as the loss of her best friend and ‘ex’ fiance. The actor playing Fiyero wasn’t the best, his vocals didnt hold up against Ashleighs during ‘as long as youre mine’. I’m not 100% sure who it was as we didnt get chance to get a programme etc with the cast list. But all together it was absolutely magical, I’ve seen *ahem* bootlegs of various casts over the years and it was refreshing to be able to hear English accents although that was unusual for me at first as I am so used to listening to the Original Cast Recording with Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth but after the first song I was too engrossed and lost in the world of Oz to notice.

I absolutely LOVED it. I knew I would as the songs are amazing but I didn’t expect to be so lost in it when I already knew almost every word of the script.

If you are a wizard of oz fan or just musicals in general I’d highly recommend seeing this tour cast, I cannot praise them enough for an amazing show; the experience only slightly tarred by the fire alarm going off during the end of the bows and the theatre having to be evacuated. (I’d like to believe this was a ploy to get us out quicker, in reality probably someone smoking in the toilets or too much dry ice). An absolute MUST see and one I’d definitely see again in either London or New York if given the chance.